Monday, September 21, 2015

FestiGoGo - A Music Festival Apps

We created Festigogo mobile application and website. The mobile app offers latest and up-to-date information about different types of music festivals. This app makes you full of music festivals. The app displays a variety of music festivals currently taking place. The app also provides feature of searching music festivals by date, location, genre and performer.


Showing upcoming music features on home screen
Festivals are displayed with dates, times, locations and performance lineups
Listen to festival performer music samples through the iTunes Music Store
Search for music festivals by location, date, genre, or performer
Users can also create their own Favorite Music Festival list
It has map displaying music festival locations
Submit festival requests for missing or future festivals

The app also has in-app purchase to offers some advanced features:

Schedules of Festival performers
Biographical details festival performers
A map that displays the locations of festival stages
A personal and customizable music festival schedule
Festival access will be valid for the length of the festival and for a short time thereafter.

Download Apps Here :

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