Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Secure Folder Application is here to rescue the data

The century of the technology has transformed the world into the age of information. Information has become the valuable asset for anyone which demands the security at any cost. There is an innovation of the technology that is remarkable and the necessity for the present world. People are utilizing the technology for their various purposes. There is a downside for these latest technologies as it is delicate in preserving the information secure. The security issues have been raised with every piece of technology came into the market. There is a special attention to the Android technology which has breached many securities issues across the world. Android technology is one of the major pieces of technology by Google that has paid off of enormously in them of money as well as popularity. Google has been facing the securities issues related to the unexpected malware keep hitting the million of the Android smartphones every year that stole the secure information from the users across the globe.  Many companies are finding themselves in the position of not being delivered the product at its full capabilities due to these securities threat. There have been many R&D on coming up with the solution for blocking the malware and securing the data of the users. Samsung has come up with the solution called Secure Folder Application.

Secure folder application one of the needed application at this time because people facing many security threat in the Android smart phones. What is Secure Folder application? The answer is as follows:
Keep the data of the users safe in separate folder
Folder has the feature of login, pin, password while accessing the folder
Data is encrypted in this folder
Provide the room for the sensitive information

This application is designed to provide the heavy security in keeping the information of the user safe. This application is available only on the Samsung devices as well as those devices have Android 7.0 above technology. This is starting from this company providing the security for the user’s information. Million of the people have been a victim of stolen information. Samsung is also trying to bring this application on a third party platform. This is a benevolent act by this company which will useful for millions of users across the globe.


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