Tuesday, January 2, 2018

How much will it cost to make a Mobile App like Big Basket?

There use to be huge market for grocery selling & buying. People come all the time to buy the fresh vegetables & grocery. It used to become crowded & buying become more challenging. People had craze of buying grocery from the shop as in order to view grocery physically. The custom of ordering the food through phone call to shops arrived in the market. People had many complain as it didn’t provide the adequate service with not fully satisfaction. People lost faith in this process as they were looking to avoid the hassle of going to the market in order to purchase the grocery with no quality compromised. Company emerged in the market who understood the criteria of the customer in the perspective of buying the grocery from home. Let me tell you one successful grocery company who has delivered the service to the customer at high level of satisfaction is BIG BASKET.

Owning the website like the big Basket is really expensive. To built one’s website one must understand the business & working fully. Big Basket did not established in a day as it did research of the customer over period of time. One must understand building the website is not only the job but to have the blueprint of the business is the most essential part of any business. Start from something small as one can climb the ladder one’s the business dominate the market. As there lot of small venture grocery seller who has the website & they are doing great. So start something from the small.
Choosing the perfect company for your website is an inevitable task.

With no hesitation I recommend Rapidsoft Technologies. It is well established company in delivering premium software. It has delivered more than 300 websites to the client at high level of satisfaction. Rapidsoft has won many accolades for its achievement. We are in the website development technology from the beginning of this technology. We have accumulated the trust of our clients in past years that have made our organization prestigious & always countable. Our organization has not only helped but also transformed many ideas in finished products.