Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Building a Business Mobile App? Here is the checklist to make it perfect

Trend shows more and more businesses are rethinking about their online strategy. Most of them want to keep mobile technology and apps in the core. Of course the popularity of smartphones and tablets isn't surprising particularly when most of the forms of general purpose individual and business computing has based to mobile devices.

But concluding a successful business app is a challenge. After being actively engaged in mobile application development nearly for a decade, experts have prepared a checklist which should be paid attention on while a project of mobile application development is going on.

Make the definition of business object

No subject moves without an object and so is the case with mobile application development too. First build your idea which clearly explains the purpose of creating the app. It varies from requirement to requirement or from user type to user type.

Make decision on platform and type of technologies

There are three major platforms – Android, iOS and Windows Phone – to choose from. According to the data provided by IDC in August 2015, Android had 82.8% market share as of the ending of second quarter this year. For the same period, iOS held 13.9% and Windows Phone 2.6%. This trend shows that 8 users out of ten use Android powered smartphones. It clears that a business app should be first created for Android and then for others.

Now we come to technologies. There are three technologies available to conclude an app – native, hybrid and mobile web. Depending on the requirement of app, its feature and available budget, the developers will suggest you best of the technologies for your app idea.

Stay cleared what services have to be integrated to the app

Mobile app development companies can help you in integrating a multitude of features and services into your app. But it is vital for the business to be clear enough to choose what exactly is required for their business. If your app itself is venture for example it is a gaming app and you want to make money through it, there is need of integrating ad network or subscription models.

 Decide on the Content that Will Go into Your App

Users have no business with what level of coding exists at the back of the app. What they notice are content and design. So before launching an app project, you should have clear idea about the color theme. UI, graphics, text, content and menu flow etc.

Ensure Data Security

Depending on the type and sensitivity of content will go through the app, you will need to implement various security measures. Again, it entirely relies on what business you are running. Discuss the matter with your developer and ask him to apply best of the security implementations to the app.

Consider Creating a Companion Websites for the App

In most cases apps have companion websites too. Here, features and functionalities of the app can be highlighted. Of course cost will increase but it will help in better projecting your app to the audience.

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