Monday, November 2, 2015

5 apps that Put healthcare in Your Pocket

Waiting until the doctor will see you might be a thing of the past. Apps downloaded to your smartphone can now give you access to advice and health information directly from physicians. From photo text messages to video chat, smartphone technology makes it easier than ever to get care that fits into your life.


Some physicians are just a phone call away, while others can be fully booked weeks in advance. When you need a medical opinion or a question answered right away, you can present your concern to doctors all over the country via HealthTap. Some 50,000 licensed physicians are available to answer questions on medications, health concerns, symptoms, and more. The service is free, and doctors benefit by developing a digital presence that showcases their expertise.

healthtap app
Image credit: HealthTap


A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to health. When you notice a suspicious mole, the SkinVision app helps you keep track of changes while an algorithm determines the risk of each mole based on photos. This allows both patients and dermatologists to be better informed about skin health and, ideally, to treat worrisome spots early.

skinvision app
Image credit: SkinVision

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Mental health is an important part of your overall well-being. With Talkspace, visiting a therapist no longer requires sitting on a stranger’s couch – instead you can talk through your troubles from the comfort of your own couch. Through the app, subscribers can exchange text messages or video chat with a psychologist. The sessions are anonymous and private, and the service is unlimited for a weekly fee of $25.

talkspace app
Image credit: Talkspace


For recurring or mild illnesses, like a sinus infection or a migraine, the pain of scheduling a doctor’s appointment might outweigh the relief of a standard prescription. For everyday issues, the app from Doctor on Demand can pair a patient with a doctor for a visit of less than 15 minutes. The doctors cannot deal with serious or chronic conditions or prescribe drugs that are potentially addictive, but they can help with short-term medical problems. Each appointment costs $40.

doctor on demand app
Image credit: Doctor on Demand

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Looking to kick a bad health habit? ThriveOn will connect you with your own personal cognitive-behavioral therapist for daily sessions and one-on-one coaching. The app includes reading, interactive exercises, mood and behavior tracking, and weekly feedback from your ThriveOn Coach. The service just launched this summer and costs participants $60 per month.


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