Thursday, October 29, 2015

iPhone and Android apps allow parents to track their children this Halloween

El Paso,TX -Smart phone technology will give parents an added line of defense this Halloween, by tracking your child's every move. These mobile apps could make for a safer Halloween.

Red Panic Button: This app is made specifically for emergencies. If your child opens the app and pushes the button, it automatically sends a text to selected contacts and includes a map of their location. Some versions are free.

Life360: After adding family members to the app, you can see their locations on a map and communicate with them. Life360 also allows kids can to check-in - letting parents know whether they're safe or need help.

Find my Friends: iOS app that allows you to transmit your location to friends and allows you to see where they are.

FBI Child ID:  A free app that provides tools in case a child goes missing. Features include convenient electronic storage of photos and vital information about a child so parents can show pictures and provide physical identifiers to first responders. It also easily emails information to authorities.

Track and Treat by Glympse: Features real-time tracking that lets you see where your kids are and how fast they're moving from your mobile device or desktop.

Teen Safe: TeenSafe is a monitoring service that allows parents to monitor their child's iPhone or Android smartphone as well as view activity on Instagram, WhatsApp and Kik Messenger. When you sign into TeenSafe, your teen's smartphone data will be available for you to view.

Some tips include wearing reflective clothing, trick-or-treating only during specified hours, traveling in groups and staying on sidewalks to avoid vehicles.

Source: Kiva

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