Thursday, August 27, 2015

Top Eight Reasons Why Users Hate Your Mobile App

There are millions of mobile applications currently present in the market. In addition to this, there are hundreds of applications launched on a regular basis at the app store. Now the big question is; do all these mobile apps get successful response from app user? The answer is no. Some of the applications do get a positive response on app store but most of them get fail. Mobile apps development companies, while developing the application should keep some points in order to get best results for your applications.

The success of any mobile application depends on how effectively it is adapted by the users. There are no meters available in the market to display the magnitude of success of any application. But sometimes the case will get worse when the end user will start hate your application. Here are some of the reasons why user will start to hate your mobile application.

1. Weird  App functionality

It is necessary that functions which are incorporated must work be precise and accurate. Any kind of deviation from the basic functionality will lead the end user to lose the interest from using the application. Other than this, sometimes the same app gives weird results which are not welcomed from user’s perspective.

2. Too much advertisement

The mobile applications have become perfect tool for marketing any product. So there are many applications which have a lot of advertisement coming. These causes constant hindrance in using the app functions due to user gets irritated and does not use the application.

3. Unattractive User interface and designs

The theme and background of the applications needs to be selected by keeping in mind the public who are actually going to use it. So mobile applications have highly contrast colors and frustrating user interface. This will make them delete your mobile application immediately and try a new one.

4. Content and font sizes

If your application is based on theme where more letters, word, pictures and expressions are used, make sure that all the things are up to the mark. Once the user starts to hate the content present in the application, the obvious reason is that he will definitely not use the application again.

5. Lower battery backup

The most important reason behind un-installation of your mobile application by users is large battery usage. There are instances when the application is a perfect utility for the customer but due to over usage of battery while utilizing the app, the result becomes negative.

6. Time consuming applications

Most of the users require application runs quick on real time usage and does not take time to load or freeze in the middle of its usage. This causes poor impressions of the application in the minds of the people and they start hating such applications.

7. Calibration problem with apps

Another important factor identified while using most of the application is the screen-rotation as well as calibration issue. These hamper the concentration the user playing game or watching videos. These can easily be resolved by the mobile application developers and give perfect results to user.

8. Notification on every event

There are frequent cases while using an application where user gets notifications and messages from the application itself or from other pop-ups. In case of such applications, if the user is busy with important activity in the midst of the application, it can create complex problems.

These are some of the important factors which can cause the user to hate your mobile applications and give unnecessary bad reviews for your app.

Source: Dzone Article

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