Thursday, November 2, 2017

Top 5 Ecommerce payment gateways of Dubai, UAE

Payment gateway application is becoming important these days because online payment is increasing day by day. A payment gateway is the part of any e-commerce website of application. Without the payment gateway, no e-commerce website or application runs their business. It has become the essential part of any e-commerce application or website. Payment gateway of UAE is as follows:

TELR: It is one of the famous payment gateway in UAE. It was used to start by startup then take over by TELR. It is one of the prominent gateway which is used in more than 120 countries across the globe.

Payfort: It is one of the most used payment gateway in UAE. It is also the most famous gateway of UAE. There is no hidden charge but there is a monthly fees for including it in the application or website

CC Avenue: It is started in India which also becomes popular in UAE. It has zero setup fee but there is a fee for monthly charges.

Checkout: This is the oldest payment gateway of UAE which also take the setup fees as well the monthly fees.

2Checkout: This is global payment gateway which supports 87 currencies and 15 languages across the globe.  

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