Friday, October 27, 2017

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Sites: Which One Is Good For Business?

This is one of the hot topics in recent which option should be developed first for your business. Mobile application and mobile site are both the part of the smartphones. It is essential for the business to have one of these for their business. Smartphones have become very demanding because people are often using the smartphones instead of a computer for their mostly activities. It has become very convenient to use smartphones instead of computers. There are positives and negative for both the technology as follows:

Mobile Website
· Accessible from any browser in smartphones
· Interaction is less than mobile application technology
· Opportunity for new visitors or users
· Accessible through URL address
· Functional on both the platform: IOS and Android
· Very user-friendly technology

Mobile application
· Take initiative to download the app from the store
· More awareness to spread about the application into the people
· Benefit for those who are existing users
· Hassle of developing the application on various platforms
· Require thorough research

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