Thursday, June 1, 2017

What is the cost to develop a classified Mobile App like OLX

Creating the application like OLX will be very expensive. People are trying to come up with new ideas in the e-commerce sector. There are many creative ideas coming up to make the existing various kind of e-commerce application better. This is era for online shopping and selling the stuff with higher success rate with all the comfort in the world. People are tending their dependency on the utilization of technology. Technology has changed the perspective of the world in the present time. People life is not functional without the implementation of the technology in their world.

What is the cost to develop a classified Mobile App like OLX

The cost of creating the application like OLX will exceed more than the budget of many people. This is not some kind of basic application but it is something most of the people are dependent on. The basic factors that lead to making this application expensive as follows:

Number user increases
Effort in creating the listing of the products
Effort to make unique design
Investment in marketing the application
Investment in increasing the traffic
Maintenance cost is high

The cost of this kind of application start from $10000 then exceed to $20000 in the market. This is very complex application to handle. One needs an adroit developer in order to develop this kind of effective and unique application.

There is the company that can able to perform this kind of application to the client with a great deal of experience on hand.  The name of the company is Rapidsoft Technologies. This company has delivered more than 300 applications with high level of client satisfaction. The company’s in-house development team is agile in understanding the requirement of client at the level of any complexity and adroit in executing the requirement of client at upmost satisfaction
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