Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Explore the hidden information through Augment Reality technology

This is the world of technology that excels with the possibilities of creating the bridge between the real world and technology. There has been an enormous amount of investment in the Research and development to create the new innovative product that brings the difference and make the life of the people hassle free. There has been an innovation of various technologies that have made the valuable point for the people in the perspective of the life. People are looking beyond the technology of touch screen mobile that provides some meaning in accessing the information as in reality mode. Innovator had that kind of the technology which recently implemented in the smartphone in order to provide breadth taking and remarkable experience to its users. The name of the technology is Augment Reality Technology.

Augment Reality technology is one of the prominent technology in the present time. The name of this technology was provided by one of the researcher of Boeing: Thomas Caudell who explained the technology in detail. What is Augment Reality? Augment means enhancement of something where as reality means in the true world. When combined the both of the terms that provide us the meaning called enhanced reality which means in actual manipulation of the reality which the help of computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. In simpler term, this technology provides the view in 3d form with the help of computer-mediated reality that modifies the reality according to the best interest of the users. This technology provides the better interactive experience for the user in order to view digitally formed information out of the screen with the help of electromagnetic radio waves. This technology was used early on by Air Force of the USA which understood the importance of this technology and later on it was firstly used in the public in one of the football games in 1998. At that time people did not understand the importance of this technology but now when implemented in the mobile application technology that made this technology more in demand.

The use of this technology was brought in the game that provides the remarkable user experience. The latest example of this technology is the Pokemon mobile game which was in the augmented virtual reality technology. This game downloaded like a hot cake across the globe as like people were waiting for this kind of games for ages. There was the negative affect from this game to the people as people across the globe started to meet with accidents which result in many deaths. People could not figure out the difference between the reality and unreal world. Everything seemed one world to the people. There were a lot of objections on this game but it survived. Looking at the popularity of the game in perspective of the technology it started to be utilized in various industries like tourism, healthcare, entertainment and many others.
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