Monday, April 10, 2017

How much does a Taxi Booking App like OLA cost?

Creating the application like Ola is going to be expensive and lots of effort will be indulged in creating such kind of application. There is various kind of feature that is included in the OLA application which makes the Ola application very successful. 

The most common feature list for taxi mobile application as follows:

  1. Customer Module                                          
  •   Splash Screen                                                          
  •  Registration
  • Sign in
  • Forget Password
  • GPS Access
  • Request Taxi
  • Payment
  •  History
  • App Wallet
  • Free Ride
  • Help
  • About

     2.       Driver Module
  • Splash Screen                                                         
  • Registration
  • GPS Access
  • Dashboard
  • On Taxi request
  • On Duty
  • Start ride
  • Ride fare
  •  My Profile
  •   History
These above are the basic feature for any taxi application. The taxi application cost more than $25000 as it is the starting application. There is heavy use of GPS navigation and other heavy feature mentioned above. This is one of the most expensive applications. Creating such kind of application is done by one of the prominent mobile application companies is Rapidsoft Technologies 


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