Monday, January 2, 2017

New Face of Indian Digitalization: BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money)

There has been a slogan of Stand up and Start up India by our Prime Minister of India. There was the promise of launching new innovative stuff this year. Stand up and start up was the agenda for the start-up company in which digitalization was mainly focussed. Digitalization is one the most speakable topic this year from the government side. Many points were covered in the speech of the prime minister in making this country digitalized. Digitalization India has become the vision of the prime minister that has shown true color to this country. Indian people are proud of the digitalization agenda which no government in the past has raised. Citizen of India is proud of the prime minister in taking this step toward the digitalization despite being so many difficulties face by our prime minister. BHIM called Bharat Interface for Money is the first example for the digitalization of India.
BHIM is now being mistaken with the digital wallet like paytm but it is bigger than the digital wallet. This BHIM directly linked with your bank account. There are a lot of things one should know about this before installing the app and using it. The point to be remembered as follows:

  • BHIM is a Unified Payment Interface (UPI)
  • Mobile Application is the only present on Android Platform
  • It enables the users to send the money to non UPI bank account with the help of IFSC and MMID code
  • There is also an additional option of making the payment through scanning the QR code
  • The limit is RS 10,000 in the single transaction not more than this and Rs 20,000 in 24 hours.
  • Activating the UPI first then request for VPA (Virtual Payment Address) in making the payment.
  • In order to make payment through UPI process then bank should also be linked with UPI
  • Majority of the Bank in India are now linked with UPI and remaining banks are taking the initiative to link with UPI

Well, these are the point one should remember making the transaction through this app. The addition feature is linking this app with Aadhar Card in order to make transaction quick and comfortably by finger print but it has not been implemented. There is the apprehension of hacking in this application. There is the vulnerability of stealing the information through this app by a hacker. The government should consider this issue seriously and work toward it. As this app is available only on Android due to the majority of the users in India are Android users. IOS application will be created on the basis of the success with the android app. There is also an issue in reaching to the target audience as there is low connectivity of the internet in many areas of India. There will lot of issue in implement this application but the government will handle this maturely.

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