Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What barriers lie in the Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is a crucial task, especially when it comes to marketing and promoting of the app. Companies want such apps which are completely unique. But it does take more than creating excellent UI, UX and secure code in making an app successful. Here are the things one should keep in while launching a mobile app development idea.

Creation of Idea

You have to understand the key objectives of developing an app. It has to solve a problem and make life simple of users productively and pleasantly. This is what anyone planning an app has to keep in mind. Apps with a well-defined objective get noticed. App stores have millions of apps but not all of them have attained success. A handful of them throve to receive popularity and revenue. Rest ones are good apps but we know that they do not receive much attention. Apart this, the objective of your app development must include aspects like who will use the app, what type of features do users expect and how will your app generate revenue.

Development Approaches

There are a number of approaches applied in mobile app development like native, hybrid, mobile web, cross platform etc. You have to decide a development approach in the beginning because it will help you easily decide the framework, mock-ups, UX, UI and various other imperative elements.

Investment Required

Once the approach is finalized, you will need ample amount of money to begin development. If you are not a developer, you can hire a mobile app development firm out there in software market. Remember that developing app is not a one-time investment. You should have enough money to keep adding latest features…

Device Compatibility

One key issue in attaining success in app development is device compatibility. It means that app has to be compatible with all the devices in single OS ecosystem; excepting those devices which do not have sufficient hardware resources to support particular functioning of apps.

Performance and battery

An app has to be best at the fronts of UI, UX and user interaction but it doesn’t mean that performance and battery consumption related aspects can be compromised to make an app standing at these fronts. In fact there is need of a making a balance between all these aspects.


The next thing to think about is how you will stay in competition. Mobile app market is heavily crowded and you have to keep tabs on every good app matching your idea. How your app differs from others will help you beat the competition.

App store optimization

ASO or app store optimization is a technique to make app compatible with search engine. ASO is similar to search engine optimization. By applying ASO techniques, the content, heading and multimedia on the page are optimized so that it can rank in search engines on basis of users’ searches. Also, ASO plays a crucial role in in-store search of apps.

Marketing and promotion

Last but not the least, marketing and promotion is necessary to inform people about the app. If you want your app really doing well, make a perfect marketing and promotion plan. Learn from data obtained through analytics and make changes in this plan accordingly.

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