Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Best of the Tips to start Android App Development

Every idea is great but it needs support form experts. Your Android app development too needs technical support so that it can succeed in highly competitive market. As we know, Android is an open OS and it offers a lot of options when it comes to creating an app. Professional Android app development companies are aware of this fact and has recommended the approaches to attain the success.

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Gone are the days when app developers had no choice but to begin from scratch. But now Google has made the process quite simple by offering its own integrated development environment (IDE). It is a platform aiding developers to create the structure of an app, a folder that holds all files and information you need to build an app.

So, you will need Android Studio which is an absolutely free tool made available by Google. Upon launching, you will meet a welcoming screen that lets you do several actions. You can also see the previous projects. You would be interested in the right of the screen as it’s where you will see ‘Start a new Android Studio project’. It allows you to begin on creating basics of your app, either with pre-defined controls or with their available options. Read Full Article

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