Friday, September 2, 2016

Outstanding tips to provide security to Android application development

Are you one of the Android developers who needs better security implementations. If yes, this post is certainly going to help you.

The more we are taking our things in the virtual world via smartphones, the more we are exposed to hackers and attackers. Here, thieves can put our personal information at risk without our permission and to some of us, it can cost a lot.

Smartphones are quite handier; delivering us the actual value of mobility but it’s also true that these modern-day devices are full-fledged computer, and they can do almost everything for which we used to use PCs and desktops merely a half or a decade ago. You will be surprised by knowing that an ordinary smartphone available in the price range of $200 – $400 is several hundred times faster than the computer NASA sent with Apollo Missions. Read More

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