Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Don’t get confused about hybrid mobile application development. Read it first

Have someone suggested you the Hybrid Application Development for your business app? Are you confused what exactly it means? If yes, this post has reached just the right reader.

First of all, thank you to reach this page. Hybrid, as the word itself suggests, is the result of crossbreeding. In computing, crossbreeding is made possible when two technologies are used together to create something new. The hybrid app development means to use both native programming languages and web development technologies together in single app.

Java and Swift, for example, are native software languages; the first one is used for creating Android apps and second one for iPhone apps. Web technologies include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and, they all are basically used in website and web application developments. Hybrid is all about merging all these technologies at their places and creating a mobile app.

The Hybrid Application Development approach is little twisty. As users, you will not easily be able to spot that you are using a hybrid app. There are many blogs which say that Twitter, Evernote, Amazon Appstore, and Apple App store are based on hybrid technologies. The front-end, the part through which users interact with the app, is created using native programming language. It’s a tiny container that can be created with programming languages supported by a particular platform.

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