Friday, September 23, 2016

Do you Think Google Allo better than WhatsApp

Changes and amendments of products have become a trend of today’s world. This generation likes the changes. It has become inevitable task for any organization to create new products time to time. There is a nail biting competition in the market. Company that don’t able to adapt the changes of present world won’t able to survive. Take the case study of Nokia which did not feel the requirement of enhancing their existing technology. This results in crashing of the company with outdated technology. This is a race with lot of obstacles. Google is trying to catch up in the messaging app race. Healthy competition in the market will bring new innovative & effective product time to time. This time Google has introduced new messaging application name ALLO.  

Allo is a messaging mobile application of Google. Google has taken time, research, survey in order to create this application. The question arises is that how will one able to build this application as a brand like WhatsApp. The brand building is not created in one day but in this scenario there are billion people who are using other messaging application. How Google will able to change their mind in using its product. Allo’s features are amazing which is as follows:

The Google Assistant
Automatic Responses
Picture Recognition
Incognito Mode

To understand the functionality of these features you can research on Google and will able to find dozen of articles. What will be marketing strategy of Google to beat most useable & prominent messenger Whatsapp? Providing above features Allo will able to make put effective impact in the market. The features are innovative & demanding. Announcing publically & making the trail run has created the hype of this application around the world as well as on social media. Let hope there is no bug case as it happened with the tool of Google: Firebase in the past.

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