Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Top Trends In Android Application Development In 2016

The whole world is nowadays using smartphones and among all users, more than 82% have Android powered smartphones. They use these Android smartphones for a lot of purposes; from checking emails to playing games, to surfing web, to watching videos online to whatever it takes. So there is no doubt Android OS has received much attention among all – users, device makers and of course developer.

Users have limitless choices for Android devices. They can buy a device for whatever budget they have; in some countries Android powered phones can be purchased at as low as $100. The more users are buying Android phones, the more device makers will keep offering and ultimately, the demand of Android application development will increase.

Android apps have offered a brand new way of connectivity and online presence. Businesses now know how profitable it is to have an Android application and thus they too want to go mobile on Android platform.

Android has succeeded to maintain its market share of more than 80% from last 3 years. So what has to happen in 2016 particularly when it comes to creating apps? Let us learn the latest trends for Android apps.

Top Trends In Android Application Development In 2016

Increasing security 
Enterprise mobile applications
More cloud based Android apps
Increased focus on Swift Programming
More Android based Internet of Things

These are trends that will take place in Android application development market and years ahead…

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