Monday, July 11, 2016

The Five Big Mistakes To Be Avoided In App Marketing

Mobile app developers know how difficult it is to get good place on app stores. More than 1,500 apps are launched every day on Google Play and Apple App Store while millions of others are already there. To make difference on any app-store, having a great app may work. But, how will users discover it? They will know about it only by marketing which is far more crucial than the app’s development itself.

But marketing too may fall and reasons are more than one. Here are the mistakes that cause failure to an app and its marketing:

Launching app development without thinking about marketing 

Mobile app developers will start working on an app the day you assign it to them. But often time companies wait for the completion of their app projects and think that they will start the marketing once the app is launched on app store. Here they do make mistake. The right approach is to begin working on marketing next to the development and keep nurturing it until the app launch data comes close.
Once the app is ready, set a release data and then accelerate its marketing. Start marketing campaign at least 3-4 weeks before the launch of an app so that more and more people would be able to know about it.
Developing without research and data

Many companies begin app development without having much research and data in hand. It’s another big mistake they do. The right approach is to have insights into similar apps in the market by understanding user behavior and discovering potential market or consumers. If the findings are in the favor of your app idea, it is worth converting in a real product.

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