Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mobile Apps are Changing the Way Users Make Purchases

86% of Americans between the age of 18 and 29 own a smartphone, according to the findings of Pew Research Center. It is of course a big number of people using smartphones and they use these devise for a lot of purposes; from purchasing online to have a big dose of entertainment through games. A big group of users completes their routine purchasing activities through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs.

When it comes to daily purchases, the major party involved are brick-and-mortar stores. Brick and mortar stores around the world have discovered mobility as a powerful tool driving more sales.
A Neilson’s survey suggests that about 42% users use their tablets to make online purchase. In the same survey, another 29% users revealed that they use their smartphones to purchase various routine stuffs online. And about 79% users revealed that they use either of the devices to make online purchases.

Let us have look at each of the devices individually to find some interesting data. Most users use their smartphones for things like in-store research and setting up on-the-go tasks. These devices are also used for getting store directions, looking up mobile coupons or making a shopping list. All these activities are completely favoured by the smartphone because they fit in one’s pocket.

As far as tablet is concerned, data say that tablet devices are used more in a consumer research phase of making a purchase. Tablets are more preferred in terms of researching an item before making a purchase. Many users use their tablets while writing reviews after making a purchase. And the interesting part of the data is that there are more users using tablets to make purchases than any of the smartphones. About half of the surveyed users agreed that they use tablet devices to make online purchases.

This may somewhat indicate that many users do not use their smartphone to make purchases but on the positive side, users are using tablet devices to make purchases. This data is helpful for mobile developers who are naturally paying less attention on mobile application development dedicated to tablet devices. The data also hint towards the way the trend is heading.

The trend of a tablet is of course helpful for businesses. They are the devices used for research and then buy products. Smartphones are most likely used in scanning a product, discovering better price and then finishing the purchase activity through tablet devices.

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