Friday, April 15, 2016

Do You Think Mobile Apps Benefit Travel and Tourism Industry?

The travel and tourism is a huge 6.3 trillion dollar industry according to the 2015 statistics. A huge part of this success has been played by mobile apps.

Interesting facts supporting the partnership of the travel industry and apps
  • The 7th most downloaded app category
  • 85% use smartphones to plan their travel when on leisure tours
  • 72% people will post photos about their travel on social platforms like Facebook
  • 46% check-in via their smartphones when on holidays
  • 30% use mobile apps to find the best hotel deals
  • 29% use mobile apps to find the best flight deals
  • 15% users specifically download travel apps to plan a trip ahead

  • 55.8% tourists use mobile apps to check weather
  • 49.1% tourists use mobile apps to use mapping features
  • 62.1% tourists use mobile apps to search for nearby restaurants
  • 48.1% tourists use mobile GPS to get travel directions
  • 46% tourists use apps to find hotels
  • 8.1% use mobile apps to buy tickets
  • 36.1% use mobile apps to look for popular places for shopping
  • 12.6% use mobile apps for public transportation systems

From the above facts, it can be comfortably held that the tourism industry might as well fail without smartphones and mobile apps.Travel companies that have been able to make a strong app presence have been better able to reach out to customers who is the truest sense would be “mobile”.

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