Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Understanding the Google Android Architecture

As Google refers, Android is software stack. It has several layers grouping unitedly a lot of programs that support specific functions of the OS.

The thing that’s called stack is the kernel. The Linux OS was used to build the kernel or the stack of Android. This software stack, as it supposed to be, is made of a several things such programs for memory and power management, hardware drivers and security settings. Drivers have been provided to control the hardware of devices. For example, your Android device has Bluetooth, but there is need of Bluetooth driver to control it. Consider a driver as an interpreter between hardware and the command sent by users.

Another group of programs in this stack is made of libraries. Consider these libraries as a set of instructions that guide device to handle a variety of data.

In the next level are Android libraries. They are the set of instructions telling a device how to handle a variety of sorts of data. For playing back and recording of audio, video, pictures there is a media framework library. There are libraries for handling 3D data, accelerometers, etc. There is also a library for web browsers.

On the same level where there libraries layer exists, there is Android runtime layer which is a set of core Java libraries – it is for Android application developers who build apps using Java. It also has Dalvik Virtual Machine. The virtual machine on Android device lets it runs each app in its own process. That's important for a few reasons.

One app is not dependent on other
In case an app crashes, it doesn’t affect other
Memory management is simplified

After this comes application framework. It has program managing basic functions of phones. These functions include resource allocation, phone app, switching between different processes or programs and keeping track of the phone's physical location.

Android developers can take the advantages of processing capabilities and support features when working on an Android application development project. The application framework is in fact a set of basic tools which are used by developers to make more complex tools.

And on the top of this stack, there are apps themselves. It is the place where you can find the basic functions of device like making phone calls, accessing the Web browser and accessing your contacts list.

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