Friday, December 4, 2015

Trends in Enterprise Apps Development in 2016

A fundamental shift is taking place in enterprise computing nowadays. It is turning out to be more mobile-focused. Now all sorts of businesses – from small to big ones – want to go mobile, particularly for their workforce in field and sales services. Businesses are commissioning mobile based enterprise apps development so that they can better do the automation of field force. With such tools businesses can free their employees from their dependency on desktops and laptops.

Enterprise mobility is emerging as an ultimate solution when it comes to transforming the nature and practices of business as per the current scenario of computing. Mobile technology is now more matured and its performance has influenced businesses to consolidate their practices with mobile apps to have better result out of the whole work process.

Mobility is in the core of enterprise computing for many businesses. Pure mobility based products are being pushed by businesses and even mobile sites are being shut down to offer the audience an absolute experience of native mobile computing.

Referring, which was previously a web and app based fashion retailer. It has now turned into a mobile-only retailer. They have even shut down their mobile website. It is India’s first retailer which can be accessed only through mobile app.  

According to Flipkart, the owner of Myntra, the decision of becoming a mobile-only retailer was taken after observing the fact they were getting 90% of traffic to their site from mobile devices.

Enterprise application development also helps in minimizing paper work too. Take the example of a currier company which requires documentation of every consignment it delivers to their clients. They require updating this information to the core system when the delivery of an item is confirmed to both the sender and the receiver of currier. But now, with the inclusion of mobility, alerts related to delivery can be sent as early as the receiver receives an item. The process turns out to be more reliable and accurate without having any dependency of paper based documents. 

There are tens of other trends to take place in mobile based enterprise apps development. Mobiles have become the first computing screen and so is mobile app development too. 

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