Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The 9 Most Important Mobile App Development Tips

Almost the entire world has gone mobile and that’s why every business wants to count with mobile application development. Researches show employees are increasingly using mobile apps in making their course more productive in terms of time, speed and simplicity. Mobile apps are giving lucrative opportunities but only when if they are created by professional mobile app developers. 
Expert developers have shared following tips for making great mobile apps.

Requirements Are Must-Have

The very first development tip is what is the problem you want to solve with app. Problem sounds a serious word but in software programming, problem is the requirement to be fulfilled by the solution. It varies from company to company. It may be for internal or external problem. Once you have sketched up the problem, you need to make a plan that addresses the requirements app is to be aimed at. 
Users Are Everything

Once you have a plan to be formatted, think of users and in fact, think only of users while making a plan. Whether the app is to be built for internal users or external users, it is just worthless if it doesn’t meet their requirements. 
So always define the target audience so that things can progress in right direction. You need to give all due time in research of audience to come up with a really effective product. 

Finalize cost and others things in the beginning

Before partnering with developers, make sure you are not going to pay more than standards service charges. Check what kind of quality they have been delivering to their clients. The most important thing to discover about a particular mobile app development company is if it understands and is passionate about your app idea. 

Also, you need to discuss several other things like wireframes, frameworks, technologies, APIs, SDKs, etc. You would not want the development team saying at a point of project-process that it is not able to create some features. To avoid such situation, finalize the most part (major things) of project in the beginning. 
UI/UX Design Is a Key
Users do not often respond to messy or awful apps / websites even if it is quite interesting or useful. They do not like complexities because they have other options already available. So, when developing an app, keep equal stress on UI and UX because they are the keys for a successful app. 
Android OR iOS

Both the platforms have their own specialties and are used by different types of users. They have different app development practices too. They follow dissimilar guidelines, features and functionalities. Your app will abide by them when it comes to making money or promoting your company or delivering utility computing. 
Faster is better
Your app needs to be better in all ways. It should not take too much time to download. It should have easy navigation. It should not consume too much battery. It should not use unnecessary data. It should not have pointless permissions. It should open in the span of 4 to 5 second.  

Online Is Not Forever

Not all places do have same level of internet connectivity. But if your app requires internet connectivity all the time, it will not be good app according to current trend of mobile app development. Currently developers are focusing on building apps which have some sort of offline functionalities. 

Test Everything

It’s going to be a mistake if you try to publish a buggy app. First of all, app stores will reject it. If it’s published anyhow, users will reject it and comment negatively against it that will of course hurt its reputations 

Lifetime Support

Do you think that your responsibility is over once you have built an app and published it on app stores? Not at all. You have to keep updating an app all through its lifecycle. If you don’t make frequent changes to it, users will get bored and in result, it will be uninstalled. To let users see that you are always behind the app, you have to keep providing support as long as you can. 


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