Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Some Amazingly Useful Apps For Parents/Educators

1) Innovative Mobile (35 apps!)
2) Educreations Interactive Whiteboard (make/share whiteboard videos)
3) ** Toddler/Preschool Flash Cards (warning: now has ads)
4) Mrs. Judd's Games (11 apps designed by a teacher!)
5) Grasshopper Apps (18 apps)
8) ** Storylines for Schools (creative and fun story writing)
9) PBS Kids (20 apps)
10) Scholastic's Sushi Monster (addition and multiplication)

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11) Preschool University (11 apps)
13) ** Toontastic (we rated five stars)
14) Rover (flash-enabled web browser for kids)
15) ** SoundingBoard (customizeable AAC app)
16) Khan Academy (educational videos for adults and older children)
17) NASA App
19) ** Alphabet Tracing (only in-app is for creating PDFs)
20) I Like book series (for speech therapy)

21) ** Draw Something (Pictionary online! 13+)
22) Green ABCs (environmental app, previously cost $30)
23) ShowMe (virtual whiteboard app, shared education videos) 
24) Bluster! (McGraw-Hill vocabulary app)
27) Miracle Modus ("I'm autistic, and I wrote this")
28) Color Uncovered (please don't let your dog drive)
29) ** Star Chart
30) Collins Big Cat Story Creator books (8 apps! kids can create stories)

31) Language Lab: Core Words (expressive vocabulary)
6a00e3982283618833016763c8dd06970b32) ** BrainPop Featured Movie (No. 1 on our Editor's Choice list)
34)**  StoryBots (4 apps!)
35) ClassDojo 
36) SmartMusic (full access requires subscription)
37) SpellingCity (use weekly spelling words in games)
6a00e3982283618833017ee59f0c7c970d-200wi40) ** Mad Libs (this app will make your kids -adjective-)

41) The Electric Compamy Feel Electric (about emotions)
42) ** Sock Puppets
43) iTunes U (go to college on your iOS device, was No. 1 in app store forever) 
44) ** Articulation Station (tremendous app, but only one letter free)
45) DialSafe Pro (we gave five stars, kids learn to dial emergency numbers)
46) ** iLearnWith series (6 apps!, one section free per app)
47) ** ElfYourself (even my wife and I love this app)
49) Science 360 
50) Creatures of Light (bioluminescence!)

54) Aurasma
6a00e3982283618833017d3c2da80c970c-500wi55) Screen Chomp (virtual whiteboard) 
58) ** Draw This App 
59) QatQi (word game, Lisa M. loves)
60) My PlayHome Lite (a favorite of therapists)

61) Garfield apps (4 apps: forms of media, online safety, cyberbullying, fact or opinion)
6a00e398228361883301630513e8f8970d-200wi62) Google Earth  
63) The Raven (nevermore!)
64) Cool To Be Clever (bullying message)
65) Alien Assignment (scavenger hunt app from Fred -Mr.- Rogers Center)
67) Hotel Dash: Suite Success (just for fun!)
69) Real Fireworks Artwork (safely play with fireworks and make art)
70) How Stuff Works (WARNING! **only for kids who have had "the talk"**)
71) ** Pitfall! (did you have an Atari?)
76) Find My iPhone (or iPad, I use this all the time when I can't find my phone in the house)
80) ** Cambugs Letter Sounds (one user free)

81) Pocket Law Firm (learn the U.S. amendments!)
82) ** Kidomatic (decorate face photos)
84) Beach Buggy Blitz (just for fun!)
87) Maily (safe email for young kids, including drawn emails)
6a00e3982283618833017ee55d38d5970d-500wi88) Pandora Radio (listen to my Journey channel!, app has ads)
89) Nearpod (classroom app)
90) Math With Your Friends (free with in-app for additional board layouts)

93) Flipboard
6a00e398228361883301675f9a7c52970b95) Picturebook: School Edition (free with in-apps)
97) Domino's Pizza Hero (kids design and you order!)
99) WebMD

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