Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pocket Apps - Save Articles, Videos and other Web Content

Pocket is another innovative application that gives you the power to save a favorite article for later reading. The pocket app comes handy at a time when you have time constraints and can’t read complete blog post published by your favorite author.
Similarly, it can be very annoying when you find a funny video on YouTube, but have to skip it due to unforeseen circumstances. In such situation, you will wish for the Pocket app. Pocket charms on your phone, tablet, and computer. Save anything that remotely interests you on any platform, and read it later on any of your connected devices. Due to its popularity, Apps like Twitter and Flipboard also integrate Pocket for saving content.

App: Pocket
Price: Free
Developer: Read It Later

Wrap-up: These recommended productivity apps are based on the limited evaluation. There are thousands of application listed on the play store and it will be impossible for us to check out each application by installing it on our device. Therefore, we picked popular apps under productivity category and evaluated them on various parameters before listing them here in this list. Please let share your list apps with us if you don’t agree w
ith ours.

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