Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Best Features of iOS 9

Apple iPad users can use this feature. It will allow users to run multiple apps at a single time. They could open one app on left pan of the device while launch other app on right side. For now, only built in features of iOS 9 could be viewed on split screen. This feature is available on newer iPad only such as iPad Air, iPadPro, iPad mini4 and its later versions.

Siri is getting Smarter. Now, according to your web activity, it will provide the list of people, places, news, games etc. on your search screen. It will also remind you of your meetings, tours, birthday and any other occasion.

Hey Siri
This feature will work like Hey Cortana. You could activate Hey Siri for personal virtual assistance. By using this feature you could command Siri to perform the particular task such as search for nearby restaurant, get direction of hospitals etc.

Transit Directions in Apple Maps
Apple has improved its Apple map. iOS 9 will provide you transit directions. Now you could get the details of street-level subway entrances by using apple Map.

Apple had included Activation Lock security features in iOS 7, which was praised everywhere. It will prevent theft of iPhone over the country. In iOS 9, you will get enhanced security features such as  instead of four digit passcode, you have to set 6 digit passcode, and 2FA will double check the authenticity of users whenever you try to login from new device or new browser.

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Apple has rebranded Apple Passbook as Wallet. It will work like Passbook. It will support credit cards and allows users to add loyalty cards while using Apple pay.

It is a very useful feature of Apple iOS 9. You could create a list of your tasks with various images and on-screen doodles. If you want, you could share these Notes too.

News app
iOS9 is providing a flipboard-style news app; if you want you could customize the news of your interest by using this app.

This feature will allow users to connect their iOS9 device with their iCars wirelessly.

Android transfer
iOS9 will allow its user to share their music playlist, videos, and camera pics, Bookmarks, mail account, calendar, to-do list, contacts, messages, and web browsing history with Android devices.

Apple has added lots of enhanced and improved features in their iOS9. If you want any assistance regarding iOS 9 and its features, call Operating System support experts to resolve your issue.



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