Monday, August 10, 2015

Windows 10 Is Going to Be The Best OS Ever

Windows 10 is the new OS from Microsoft. They say it’s the final version of Windows. It means in future updates the version number will not be changed; only new things will be implemented through updates. This new OS is designed with keeping feedback from million of IT professionals who have helped in shaping in the best enterprise version of Windows ever.

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For enterprise use, Windows 10 has been made powerful enough to protect you from modern day cyber-attacks. Also they have enhanced experience which your employees will love too. Even if this version will not change ever, new innovation will be implemented to the platform in order to keep businesses up to date with modern computing technology. Also you will have option to control frequency of updates and choose the right set of features / functionalities that make your employees more productive.

Now with this new software, enterprise grade security comes built-in.  You will have option to replace password with a lot of secure options which will help you provide more security of your corporate data, identities and only run the software you really trust. Tools for management and deployment simplify ease managing device and of course it will happen in lower cost. It charges businesses with enterprise grade power of the Azure cloud.

If you are using genuine Windows 7 or 8.1, you can update your PCs and tablets for free. It’s time enterprise begins to plan and test the deployment now.

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