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Sparsh Meditation - A Best Healthcare Application

About - Sparsh Meditation - A Best Healthcare Application

Do you want to know what is Meditation? Do you want to relax and calm your mind? Are you stressed out or in mental tension? Do you want to take a break and forget things for a while? Then Sparsh Meditation App is for you. Sparsh Meditation App teaches the voice guided meditations. These meditation sessions are prepared by professionals, with years of experience in teaching Meditation. Also it provide smoothing sounds, which calms your mind and helps to relax. Its teaches Meditation by various scientific proven methods like

1. Basic Meditation
2. Breathing Meditation
3. Dance Meditation
4. Aum Meditation
5. Forgiveness Meditation
6. Om Mani Padh Mein Hoom
7. Sufi Meditation

You can play these meditation sessions, any time you want to meditate. You can press the repeat button to continue repeating any meditations. You can also repeat meditations without the instructions, by selecting it from meditation sounds. In addition to the above 7 sessions, we have introduction to Sparsh Meditation Session, which introduces you to the concept of Meditation. Sparsh Meditation App has the following features.

1) 8 Voice Guided Meditation Sessions
2) 8 Meditation Sounds
3) Works in offline mode
4) Repeat, Play, Pause, Stop feature
5) While Playing, Phone can be put on silent mode
6) Share, Mail, SMS feature
7) Set reminder for regular practice

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Develop By Rapidsoft

Rapidsoft designed Sparsh Meditation app for Creative Software Studio. It’s an iPhone/iPad voice guided meditation application to help you relax and calm your mind and release tensions. Its smoothing sounds help you have calming break from busy life and forget about stress bothering you. Each session in the app is prepared by professionals having several years of experience in self-healing techniques. Read More :

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