Monday, August 3, 2015

Developing an Effective Mobile Application

No one can deny from the fact that apps do help in developing business. These tiny applications can immediately expose your business to a big and booming world of opportunities. An article of with the title “7 Ways Mobile Apps Are Driving Revenue for Businesses” shares useful information on how push notification and GPS tracking based geo-targeted apps can help a business in instantly driving sales and generating revenue. It also explains how the ability of making just-in-time offers gives businesses a competitive edge over rivals.
Businesses need to learn going mobile even if they have well-positioned websites. They just cannot ignore this emerging medium. An article of Forbes with the title “Mobile Marketing Too Large for Brand to Ignore” explains that businesses cannot ignore a mobile strategy. It uses the statistics of U. S. smartphone users to prove that the mobile shift is happening right before our very eyes.
But in spite of this inspirational shift, some businesses still doubt on mobile platforms. And if they are already on a mobile platform, there are things that keep bothering them. For example, a tech titan discovers your well-performing app and decides to launch its own app with similar features. In 2010, Facebook shocked Foursquare when the social media giant launched its Places check-in services; however, both services continued to survive.
Many businesses avoid investing even in their original ideas. It is because they live in constant fear that tech titans such as Apple, Google, or Facebook, Microsoft will invade into their space and take it over.
But, businesses have plenty of space in the market. However, the top apps hardly move from their positions in hit-lists, but there is a visible movement of new apps within all app categories. And a number of areas are yet to be explored.

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