Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Android apps run on Windows 10 Mobile

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced plans for Android and iOS developer tools, making it easy for developers to run their apps on Windows 10.

Just how easy is it for developers to get their Android apps running on Windows 10 Mobile then? Well, you and I could do it.

As it turns out, the latest Windows 10 Mobile preview runs the Android runtime, and you can get your APKs running in a few simple steps.

First of all, you'll need a select Lumia device running the Windows 10 Mobile preview, a PC and the APKTOW10M program from MicrosoftInsider.es.


You'll need to enable developer mode on the phone (take note of the code displayed on your phone), then plug your phone into the PC.

From here, you'll need to fire up the APKTOW10M tool, enter the code displayed on your phone into the tool and hit "connect".

You'll then need to drag your Android APK file to the rectangular area marked "drag here" on the APKTOW10M tool and hit "install". It should take a few minutes to install the app on your device.

That's all there is to it, but you'll need to keep developer mode enabled to run those Android apps. However, some have noted that you'll need to disable developer mode if you intend to restart or power off your phone.

Additionally, those hoping for apps like Snapchat or YouTube are out of luck, as the Google Play Services framework is required. Don't count on games just yet either, due to the early nature of the Android support.

However, I have successfully tried apps like Sync for Reddit, Medium and Steam.

It must also be noted that the tool is compatible with the Lumia 920, 925, 928, Icon, 930, 1520, 830, 820, 730, 635 with 1GB of RAM and the 435. However, the tool worked successfully on my Lumia 1020.

Check out this list of compatible Android apps on reddit if this feature tickles your fancy.This isn't officially supported by Microsoft and Windows 10 Mobile is still in technical preview, so we'd advise you use a secondary phone if you really want to get in on the action.

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