Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mobile App Trends in Medical Industry

There are currently 17,000 medical apps available with the top 10 mobile health apps generating up to four million free and 300,000 paid downloads per day. As consumers continue to rely on mobile apps for health and fitness, we will continue to see this number grow.

Top mobility trends in the healthcare industry

1. Restructured Administrative Processes
2. Digital Health Records
3. Mobile Communications and Consulting
4. Collaborative Medical training and Education
5. Automated Inventory Management Systems
6. Omni-channel Experience

Mobile Applications can be used to satisfy several needs in healthcare:

  1.     Education and awareness
  2.     Helpline
  3.     Diagnostic and treatment support
  4.     Communication and training for health workers
  5.     Disease and epidemic outbreak tracking
  6.     Remote monitoring
  7.     Remote data collection

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